Film Reviews

Mary Kom, September 14
Tigers, September 14
Learning to Drive, September 14
Shuddh Desi Romance, September 13
Faith Connections, September 13
The Lunchbox, September 13
Siddharth, September 13
Qissa, September 13
Midnight's Children, September 12
Ship of Theseus, September 12
The Reluctant Fundamentalist, September 12
English Vinglish, September 12
Peddlers, September 12
Mumbai's King, September 12
Shanghai, September 12
Breakaway, September 11
Michael, September 11
Whores' Glory, September 11
Mushrooms Chatrak, September 11
Azhargarsamy's Horse, September 11
West is West, September 10
Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai Diaries, September 10
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, September 10
Autumn - Harud, September 10
Road, Movie, September 09
Google Baby, September 09
What's Your Raashee?, September 09
A Hindu's Indictment of Heaven, September 09
Cooking with Stella, September 09
Slumdog Millionaire - Hits the Jackpot, September 08
Heaven on Earth Premieres at TIFF'08, September 08
Yes Madam, Sir: Kiran Bedi's Incredible Story, September 08
Firaaq - A Poignant Debut, September 08
Partition - Love in the Time of Divide
Anokhi Magazine, Winter 07


Leena Yadav Delves Into Woman’s Sexuality In Parched
The Weekley Voice Newspaper, September 15
Pink Saris - Empower Women
Anokhi Magazine, September 10
Miral - Hopes for Peace
Anokhi Magazine, September 10
That Girl in Yellow Boots is Hard Hitting
Anokhi Magazine, September 10
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger - A Comedy of Illusions
Anokhi Magazine, September 10
Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghat is Soulful and Stirring
Anokhi Magazine, September 10
Kiran Bedi Inspires and Outshines
CityMasala Magazine, September 08
Reel World - Paves New Roads & Celebrates Milestones
Anokhi Magazine, Winter 07
In Touch with Reality - Documentaries Take On a New Global Perspective
Anokhi Magazine, Fall 07
TIFF Wrap-Up
Anokhi Magazine, Fall 06
Western Artists Explore Exotic Eastern Landscape
Anokhi Magazine, Winter 05
Water. The End of an Era - Final Piece of Deepa Mehta's Trilogy Creates Ripples at the Toronto Film Fest
Anokhi Magazine, Fall 05
Moving Cinema
Anokhi Magazine, Fall 05
Truth in the Art of Film Making
Anokhi Magazine, Summer 05
Movie Gazing - Works of Cinema: AV's 2004 Pick List
Anokhi Magazine, Winter 04
Gurinder's Next Bend
Anokhi Magazine, Summer 03
Vibrant Hues of Black and White Illuminate Satyajit Ray's Legacy
Anokhi Magazine, Summer 03
A Melting Pot of Diversity
Anokhi Magazine, Spring 03
Exploring Toronto's Screens in Captivating Style
Anokhi Magazine, Winter 03