Writing to me is like an art of sculpting with words when thoughts can work as chisels. As a writer, I carve deep to get into the essence of a story. As a journalist, I know stories are constantly evolving around us. I started my creative journey by picking up and exploring these stories from my close vicinity. I captured unsung heroes and highlighted issues in health, education and environment.

Currently, I have been focusing on arts and entertainment and gravitating towards film and film festival circuits which thrive in Toronto. I have written on a wide array of subjects and my work has been published in North American publications including the Weekly Voice Newspaper, MyBindi.com, Anokhi Magazine and CityMasala Magazine and internationally in The Times of India and Hindustan Times.

I am constantly seeking to expand my canvas and in the process have reviewed film scripts and written web content. Additionally, I also provide Voice Overs.

- Preeti Thandi



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